10 Reasons Why You Should Hire A Destination Wedding Planner

Juno Weddings has grown out of a desire to help couples plan a stress-free, exhilarating wedding where all elements can be combined in one integrated service. The number of couples who have to manage multiple suppliers and different people in the lead up to their weddings, causing serious amounts of stress. This is where a destination wedding planner such as myself can be your personal concierge, trusted advisor and confidante.

Planning a destination wedding can seem daunting and overwhelming when you’re dealing with locations and suppliers that you may not have used before but also language barriers.

So why should you hire a destination wedding planner?

Budget Management

The budget for a wedding is one of the first things that needs to be decided and for a destination wedding, this will often include a holiday element either before or after the wedding. It is important to set a realistic budget based on your priorities and be honest with each other and me as your wedding planner on what you’re looking to achieve. Juno Weddings will be your personal accountant to keep your budget on track.


Planning a wedding whether in the UK or abroad can take between 350-500 hours so outsourcing this to a destination wedding planner such as myself means you will be saving vast amounts of time to enjoy the lead up to your wedding day. Working with a planner doesn’t mean a loss of control is means you will have a dedicated individual (me!) ensuring every element of your wedding day is perfect.

Dealing with family

This is one of the trickier elements when you are planning your wedding as sometimes family members want to be more involved than you’d like. The main thing you need to focus on is what you as a couple want your day to be like as it should reflect you as a couple. Family is of course important but as your planner I will ensure that these elements are managed and smoothly dealt with to minimise stress.

Focus & Direction

With so many decisions to make and fees to pay it is important to stay focused. I will help you to keep on track through checklists and setting clear priorities that are broken down into individual steps. I love a checklist and the agreed checklist will be available for you to see so that you can view what stage of the planning process we’re at.


As a destination wedding planner and travel advisor I have plenty of connections that can ensure you get the best deal. Ensuring that special touches are included such as honeymoon extras is one of my specialities and something I love to do for my clients.


Having worked in both the wedding and travel industries I am in a unique position to offer a combined all-in-one service that utilises my experience in both these areas. This means you can rest assured you are working with someone who can use their experience to guide you and work with you to create an amazing experience.


You’ll be surprised how much admin organising a wedding requires and that’s where I’m here to help! I’ll keep on top of all the administrative tasks and highlight where you are required to sign and any other information that’s required.


There is so much style inspiration to help you get started from Instagram to Pinterest and I will work with you to combine all the stylistic elements to bring your wedding vision to life. Whether you want huge amounts of flowers, a flower arch or a themed wedding then I will use my creativity to ensure every stylish detail is catered for.

Ongoing Support

Having that extra person as support during you wedding and honeymoon planning process is really important. I will be here as an extra pair of hands, someone to bounce ideas off and to provide you with advice. On the day of your wedding I will be there to make sure everything is set up accordingly and throughout the whole day, so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Stress Free Day

Having a stress free wedding day is every couple’s dream and with Juno Weddings my aim is to make both the day and the lead up to your wedding day as stress free as possible. With my open and friendly communication style, we can discuss anything that is causing you stress and work out a plan of action to alleviate these stresses.




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