Creating Your Guest List

How to create a wedding guest list

Creating a guest list can potentially cause some hurdles, who do you invite? how many should you invite? do you include children? are you trying to combine two families and how will this work? The possibilities are endless so let me help you to answer these questions and help you get your guest list sorted!

As a first step following on from setting your budget, this will ultimately feed into your guest list. This is because you’ve got to consider how much of your budget will cover providing your guests with food and drink. Once you’ve got this nailed you’ll be able to work out how many guests you can realistically invite. It will ultimately come down to budget as if you choose a venue with an average cost per head, you might be able to be more flexible with your guest list whereas if you venue is in the more luxury bracket then you may have to consider cutting down on your guest list.

So that really covers how many you should invite now to tackle who do you invite. Ultimately this depends on how big your family is and your friendship circle is! It also depends on the venues you are considering and the type of wedding you’re looking for; small and intimate or large scale. If you’re ideal wedding is something small and intimate then you’re going to want to keep your numbers under 50 but obviously the sky’s the limit if you’re going for a large wedding. The largest wedding I attended was 600+! It is also important to include those that you want the most there and those who you are the closest to rather than trying to invite everyone you know, as it can become really stressful when you’re trying to manage people who you’re not that close to or that you don’t see often.

Putting your guest list together should be fun and exciting so enjoy the planning process!




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