Floral installations for your wedding

Floral installations have become a big trend over the past couple of years, with couples choosing to use both real, dried and faux flowers to create added atmosphere and dramatization to their wedding receptions and ceremonies. Here are a few of my favourite floral installation ideas for your wedding:

Floral Arches

Floral arches come in all shapes and sizes these days from the traditional flower-filled arch shape to deconstructed arches. If you are having an outdoor ceremony then a floral arch is the perfect backdrop to your ceremony as it creates a focal point for you and your partner but also is a great backdrop for your ceremony photos. For my own wedding, we decorated the church door with flowers that matched the overall colour scheme for the wedding and I’m so glad that I did decorate it, believe me, I deliberated for a long time over this, as the photos under the arch of the church are some of my favourites. On one of my recent styled shoots, I worked with Hannah from Unfauxgettable who created a deconstructed arch for the ceremony shots and I really liked the asymmetry of the arch as the room already had beautiful details, which we didn’t want to cover up or detract from, so this deconstructed arch was the ideal addition.

Hanging Florals

With a move towards more modern florals, the suspended floral trend has been increasing significantly over the last couple of years, especially as a lot more couples are choosing ‘blank canvas’ venues it is a lovely way to create beautiful decorations and elevate a more blank space. There are a few ways to style this trend, creating hanging florals that cover longer tables whether they’re suspended for the ceiling or if they’re more structured and built using a frame to support them over the table, will depend on your venue and the ceilings that you have. Also, one word of caution, check that your venue is ok with you hanging flowers from the ceilings before proceeding with your designs as some venues may not be happy for you to do this, so it’s best to know upfront! One of my favourite hanging florals trends is mixing the hanging florals with chandeliers such as those from Crescent Moon Events I think it’s super sophisticated, especially if you’re having a small wedding, why not go big on the details and really wow your guests. They add a classy and unusual element you your wedding décor!

Eco Options

If you’re looking for your floral installations to be more eco-friendly and sustainable then looking at dried or faux flowers is definitely the best option. Both can be reused and recycled so it really is a better option for those of you who are more eco-conscious. The rising trend in dried flowers has been driving by couples looking for more sustainable options but also the rise in couples looking to preserve their flowers from their wedding to keepsakes. The pampas grass trend has been huge for the last couple of years and is really great to line your aisle or to use as part of your ceremony arch. For those boho couples amongst you, the pampas grass/dried floral option should definitely be part of your planning as it really lends itself to the boho/relaxed wedding vibe.

Faux flowers are becoming more popular, as couples are beginning to understand and see that the flowers are good quality and really you can’t tell the difference with some of the flowers. For my last two styled shoots, I’ve used silk flowers and I’ve been really impressed with the quality, how they’ve photographed but also how much easier they are to set up on the day. It’s easier to prep silk flowers ahead of time as there is no risk of them wilting prior to the day and this has meant that the floral installations for my shoots have taken far less time to set up than those where I have used real flowers. There is a lot of skill in putting floral installations together but one of the benefits of using silk flowers is if you want peonies then you can find them all year round, whereas with real flowers you really have a limited time to source certain flowers. The other plus side is that the flowers can be reused by the florist for other projects or you can repurpose the flowers into floral arrangements for your home, so you can continue to use your wedding flowers for a long time to come!

There are so many options for floral installations but some key things to consider are, the look and feel of your venue, check that your venue will allow the floral installations you want and finally make sure you do your research on florists and ensure they are able to create the floral installation of your dreams!




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