Eco friendly wedding gifts

When it comes to designing your wedding gift list there are so many options to choose from whether you are asking for honeymoon contributions, vouchers, experiences or physical items to help you set up home, why not consider making your gift list eco-friendly. Below I have listed my top eco-friendly wedding gifts to ask for on your wedding gift list:


For the coffee/tea lovers to gym bunnies, there are now some great options for eco-friendly and reusable drinkware that you can take with you on the go. For the ultra-stylish couple why not choose SoL Cups who specialise in hand blown glass cups and bottles with no added nasties such as plastics. They come in a range of colours so you can really make the choice personal to the couple. For an alternative option check out the rice husk reusable cups on The Plastic Free Shop, I have one of these myself and they come in a range of sizes and patterns to suit everyone’s tastes.

If you’re looking for drinkware that doesn’t scrimp on quality and style then check out blush & blue, whose pieces are handcrafted in Spain using 100% recycled glass. From wine glasses, tumblers to jugs in a variety of styles and colours, blush & blue are a great choice for adding some eco-friendly glassware to your gift list.


From serving bowls, placemats to hand made crockery there are some great options now for the environmentally friendly couple. Bamboo has become a super popular material to use for tableware as it is fast-growing but sturdy and there are many items that are made from this material such as serving bowls, serving spoons and even placemats. Wearth has a great range of different products all made from bamboo so you can really personalise the gift and I especially like the bamboo dinnerware set which is a nice option whether it’s being used within the home or on a picnic.

For those looking to have a complete dining/tableware set then check out nkuku who have a great range of tableware options and the founding principles of the company are pretty grand. They work with social projects, independent businesses and co-operatives and adhere to the 10 Principles Of Fair Trade, meaning that anything you buy from them comes with some serious ethical, sustainable and sustainable credentials.

Adopt an animal

If you’re really keen to help endangered animals and you’re an animal lover, then why not ask your guests to adopt a pet package for you. There are lots of options to choose from and what’s nice is that you will often get regular updates on your pet so it really is a gift that keeps on giving post-wedding!

Plants and trees

There has been a rise recently in the number of charities who are planting trees on your behalf both within the UK and abroad, so if you are a nature lover and keen to preserve the natural world as well as reducing your carbon footprint then why not ask for a tree or trees to be planted on your behalf?

As well as planting a tree on your behalf, you may ask for some plants and trees for your garden that are environmentally friendly. If you’re limited on space then small planters are a good idea that you can place on windowsills or small spaces and fill with herbs, so you can have some homegrown items to add to your cooking. Plants that help to clean the air in your house such as the peace lily are also a great gift to add to your list as not only does it help your own environment but is something that you can keep for a long time.

If you have more space then there are some great options for ensuring you help your local environment. A birdhouse, bug hotel or a wildlife house is a lovely gift to ask your guests to contribute towards and you can enjoy this gift over a long period of time as you encourage and nurture the wildlife in your back garden. As well as bugs, lets’ not forget the bees, which you encourage into your garden by planting bee-friendly flowers and Seedball do a range of different flower options depending on the wildlife you want to help in your garden.

Organic Cotton sheets or towels

Having new sheets, towels or bed linen is one of life’s pleasure, especially when the options feel luxurious and are eco-friendly. There a number of companies who are offering lovely organic bedding options such as Bedfolk, The Fine Bedding Company and Panda. They offer bedding sets, duvets and other bedding items such as mattress protectors all produced with organic cotton, linen or bamboo as their materials, which not only offers a more environmentally friendly option but also aids with sleep due to these materials being more breathable.

For cotton towels, you can’t go wrong with The White Company who offer both hydro cotton and Egyptian cotton towels both individually and in bundles.

For interior design lovers, there are some lovely rugs, cushions, blankets and throws by Weaver Green who make all their products from 100% recycled plastic bottles. It’s a chance to add some lovely touches to your home and their products come in a wide range of styles and colours so there’s plenty of choices to satisfy everyone.

A green eco-friendly gift list doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style, substance or reduce what goes onto your list, so why not make your gift list an eco-list?




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