Wedding invitations can really help to set the tone and theme for your wedding day, so it is important to take the time to consider the look and feel of your invitations.

With sustainability and with couples becoming more eco-conscious, there has been a rise in couples choosing digital wedding invitations over print. So let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of both so that you can make the right decision for you!

With the rise of digital invitations, there has been a rise in many companies offering easy and manageable digital invites which can easily be edited and allow you to keep track of responses. One of the pros of digital invitations is that they can be more cost effective, with digital platforms offering good prices for their invitations. There is also one major pro in that digital invitations are more environmentally friendly as there are no shipping, printing or material costs that would have an environmental impact such as carbon emissions and the ability to not recycle certain materials. If you’re an eco-conscious couple then this is definitely a plus point!

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Although the costs can be lower, there is a downside in that there will be less choice in designs, colours etc as they tend to be a standard format with customisable options available but these will come at an additional cost.  If you’re looking for a bespoke design then a digital invitation may not be the first option for you as digital invitations do tend to be less customisable. Although you can definitely get modern print wedding invitations, digital wedding invitations on the whole tend to be slightly more modern in nature. With clean lines and visual effects that can be applied to invitations more easily and quickly than with print, if you’re looking for a modern invitation that can be utilised across multiple areas of your wedding, such as other signage, then the digital option may be the option for you.

When comparing digital to print, then one of the main things to consider is your budget. Print invitations do tend to come at a higher cost as there is printing costs to be considered but also print invitations utilise a more personalised approach, meaning that you are not only paying for printing but the stationers time and expertise in producing your bespoke design. This though is a real plus point, because if you’re looking for a bespoke and personalised wedding invitation and additional stationery, then print would definitely be the right option. There are beautiful options to choose from such as letterpress, calligraphy, venue drawings and many more meaning you can work closely with the stationer on your design, not only the look but the feel from the paper used to additional embellishments such as ribbons or wax seals.

It is important to consider particularly when deciding between digital or print invitations, whether you are including elderly family members in your wedding party. For many of us our grandparents and other generations have not grown up with the digital landscape that we have, so if you’re sending digital invitations and you have elderly relatives, then it is important that someone is able to help them view and respond to the invitation. Of course they may be totally digitally savvy in which case go for a digital invite!

Whether you go for digital or print invitations, it is important to think about your overall wedding feel, for a castle wedding a print invitation may feel more appropriate but if you’re having a modern, eco-conscious wedding then a digital invitation may be the best option. If you’re looking for some digital wedding invitations check out the following websites:

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